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Müller Shop

Traditional enterprises, new ideas. The Harmonika Müller company in Bad St. Leonhard has expanded: Operations have begun in a modern addition housing sales and an in-house practice room. Since their founding in 1976, Harmonika Müller GmbH have developed into an internationally renowned manufacturing enterprise and have become one of the world’s largest producers of high-quality accordions. Numerous popular performers both nationally and internationally rely on the skill and finesse of the 40 employees.

Expansion. Due to the continuous growth of our customer base, a modernly-styled addition has been built onto the existing facility: “Now that we have 87 square metres of sales floor space, we are able to present our products to our customers in a more suitable ambience,” managing director Peter Müller is pleased to report. “The selection of products on display has also been enlarged.”

Teamwork. As a consequence of the new, perfectly structured sales area, the interest of customers in Harmonika Müller’s products will certainly also grow in future. The company’s employees will also benefit as a result: “We intend to maintain the current level of 40 employees,” says Peter Müller.

We’re looking forward to your visit!