Klang Erlebnis
Mueller Playout (02860)
Mueller Playout (02562)
Mueller Playout (02932)
Mueller Playout (02282)

Sound and Experience

As designers and producers of Styrian accordions, allow us to give you a taste of our world in which both sound and aesthetics as well as tradition and progress join hands. As the leading accordion manufacturer, we have devoted ourselves to the experience of playing – an experience which can only be realised through the triad of highest production quality, special, newly-developed models and professional advice when making a purchase. Our extensive range of accordions puts us in a position to meet the needs of every type of player, whether traditional or youthful, professional or beginner. We would be very pleased if you would visit us in our newly designed shop in Bad Sankt Leonhard for a journey into the world of the Styrian accordion. In our professional, in-house studio, you have the opportunity to try out our accordions and then take your video and sound recordings home with you.

We have dedicated ourselves to the Styrian accordion – and making them more beautiful, sonorous and better is our mission!

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Picture credits of cover photo: 
Photographer: Peter Baiker
On the picture: Joachim Herrmann