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Underwater Shooting

harmonica Müller musical instruments learn to swim

A very special photo shoot for the harmonica manufacturer Müller: With costume and musical instrument, it went into the cool water. Boss Edith Müller was awarded, among other things for their creative ideas.

"Into the water," it said recently at the Bad St. Leonhard harmonica manufacturer Müller -. Namely fully clothed and of course with the accordion at the back, "We make a new flyer for our company," says chief Edith Müller "together with the Agency ' traceur 'by Franz Eberhard we had the idea to make an underwater shooting ".

Was photographed by Christoph Steinbauer in "diving tower" in Seiersberg, as models could Dominik Wohlmuth and the internationally renowned Jaqueline Sappert win. The dress which it plunged into the cool water with Sappert, comes from the designer Petra Pflegpeter Lavanttaler, with the already worked the company Müller for other photos. The harmonica for the underwater shooting was specially prepared without voting panel for the appointment. "We did not know what happens when we enter into the water," says Müller, "and were surprised at the end of yourself, how well kept it."