Heimo Platzner

Now Heimo Platzner located on the fifth semester of the Bachelor's degree in media? and Kommunkationswissenschaften at the University of Klagenfurt.

In addition to his studies, he worked as a freelance editor for ORF, ATV, Puls4 and Servus TV. His references include messages and posts for news and magazine programs. He has editorial experience at several summer internships in the country of the Studio
Receive ORF Carinthia.

For almost a year Heimo moderated 3 live broadcasts per week at the music television channel "FolxTV". For this he visited once a week the speech coach Anja Glüssing to bring his presentations on track. In addition, the young boy working in his spare time as an editor for "lautstarkTV" said the study Journal of the Students' Union Klagenfurt.

During his free electives he has the courses "Radio Workshop", "Write & Publish" and "journalism and quality" visits to his stylistic know - how to expand?.

In February 2015, the sympathetic Carinthian begins with his work as a presenter and editor of "Antenne Kärnten".

He is not only an accomplished musician on drums, the guitar, and on the Styrian harmonica - he is also our "dictionary" when it comes to Schlager, but especially to the Oberkrainermusik. Heimo Platzner is an avid mountain biker and ski touring. With his pleasant attitude and humor each consignment will be a pleasure for its viewers.