Die Niachtn

The band "The Niachtn" consists in this formation for almost three years and the
Roots of this musical association are Bad Mitterndorf and the Styrian / Austrian folk culture. Many different influences both
Brought musicians already, very soon the musical direction of the band
coined. While Manuel Auer light on the "Rumpü" (Styrian accordion) from
the people came Musical sector, are the roots of Manuel Brunnsteiner, the
among many other instruments mainly plays the acoustic guitar, the metal and rock of the late nineties.

The musical style of "Niachtn" so do not be in a prefabricated
Scheme presses, but the band is equipped with creativity, individuality and the
audible joy of music.

After numerous appearances in the Austrian home of the sphere was
very soon to the rest of Austria, to Germany (to Bremen) and even
South Tyrol expanded. The most important aspect was the band always "live" factor - on
this way were thrilled with lots of fun and humor the different types of audiences. It was more important to precisely this effect also the first
Studio - to transport album.

On the album "Now or Niacht" contains all original material
the different styles of music unite and "verniachtet" represent. the
Charm of the band, which can be heard from the brand new album, produced by
the professional work of the two in the musical field and the simultaneous
Eyes twinkling with which it yourself and see the world.

By this construction, which is a mixture of wit and musical integrity,
creates a unique style of which everyone must be convinced even Renowned guest musicians on the album with different titles as needed
were used, the proverbial icing on the "Niachtn - Cake". That's the way it is
also possible to represent the various genres and authentic
to emphasize facets of the album.

"The Niachtn" Styrian are a two-man - the band by musical skills,
great passion and a lot of humor in each case deserve attention.

You can buy the Album on www.dieniachtnsan.org

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