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Die Almrauschigen

The six-piece band "The Almrauschigen" consisting of five boys and a girl, has been around since of 2010.

The traditional folk music instruments clarinet, Styrian harmonica, guitar and tuba sextet promises a musical journey that makes a stop in a variety of genres. "In our concerts we play both traditional polka or waltz as well as contemporary music such as film," says Christopher Haritzer, the clarinet and Styrian harmonica playing in the band.

When asked what is so special about the band, answers Haritzer. "In our concerts a special atmosphere." The band, so Haritzer falls into a state of trance. "On stage, it starts to crackle and you realize that you can feel the audience," says Haritzer. Then he explains the origin of the band name "The Almrauschigen". "When we make music, we fall into a frenzy and since we are from the Almgegend, we are in the name of 'The Almrauschigen' come," said Haritzer wink.

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